Porterhouse Perfection!

The next time you see pork porterhouse on the menu at your favorite fine dining spot…ORDER IT! Pork has been a foodie go to meat for years, but I have noticed how a lot of chefs and restaurants are finding ways to make the pig pop.

Motor Supply Company in Columbia, SC always prepares the perfect porterhouse and finds inventive ways to keep it fresh. The last time I visited, the entree was seasoned to perfection and had a bed of mashed sweet-potatoes and was topped with a sweet corn cream sauce. It was by far the best slab of pork I have had in a long time.

But don’t let the pros and restaurants have all the fun. Go to your local butcher or market and get a great cut of pork and find a way to make it exciting for you and your friends. I plan to try mine with a red wine honey reduction.

How do you guys and gals like to eat your pork? Feel free to share 🙂

3FReligion..where Friends, Fashion, and Food rule!


Porterhouse Perfection!


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