Everyday Extravagance


Is anyone else tired of hats, fedoras, headbands, and head scarves? I am sick and tired of the same ole same ole. A headdress would be a welcomed change in my opinion and a bit of luxury to pump up the everyday boredom. Granted, it would take styling genius to bring the theatrical accessory to everyday-wear, but how cool would it be to see a headdress beyond Carnival, a magazine editorial, or a part of a Las Vegas showgirl’s costume?

Rocking a headdress would be nothing but a win win situation. You would get tons of attention, be a fashion maverick, and also have the ability to cover up a bad hair day. Just remember that a headdress is extravagant so you would want to pair it with a simplistic chic ensemble.

There are plenty of different types of headdresses too. You can opt for a bejeweled and encrusted one, a feathered one that leans towards Native-American cultural fashion, or even opt for an African inspired headdress. The options are endless. The only thing you need is a spirit of bravery, boldness, and adventure. Come on guys and gals, show me what you’ve got!


3FReligion…where Friends, Fashion, and Food Rule!


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