The Man Bag: Fashionable or Just Plain Gay?


The man bag has been around for a while now. When it first broke into mainstream, many people wrote the man-purse off as a trend that will pass. Well many years later, the trend is still here and is becoming more popular. Go to any fashion retailer that sells accessories and you can find many bags for men. Kenneth Cole, Louis Vuitton, and most all high end companies are making the handbag for men. But is it fashionable or is it just plain gay?

The man clutch doesn’t work for everyone and every look. If you opt for a man bag/clutch/purse or whatever, make sure you are pairing the bag with a tailored look. If your look isn’t a suited tailored ensemble or chic, the accessory will not work! The bag just looks awkward when it is casually paired with jeans and a tee. That is a major no no. Check the pics above and below. Here you can see that the bag works best on the guys who are giving a total look.

Honestly, many women don’t care for the style on men.  And if given a choice, they prefer for men to have the strap one shoulder messenger. But I disagree. Fashion is all about pushing boundaries and being innovative. Guys can rock a bag and butch it up at the same time. Confidence is key when working this trend. Disclaimer alert…if you decide to get a bag you might raise some eyebrows and might come off a little gay but there are worse things in the world. The man purse is definitely fashionable.

photo (5)

I won’t go as far as advocating men walk around town in ball gowns but this trend is perfectly acceptable. Think back to the early 1900’s. It was avant garde for women to wear slacks or pants. Fashion is fluid and I can’t wait to get my man clutch. I will buy one in black and get a solid color. Be bold, be daring, and be unique fellas.

photo (6)

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