Hot Style, Cold Weather

picstitch (9)

The Polar Vortex is hitting the states hard and bringing some of the coldest weather we’ve had in years. But cold temps is no excuse for slack ass style. There are four essentials that you must have in order to stay warm and still serve the sexy ladies. Make sure your winter wardrobe includes: an over-sized coat, knee high or thigh high boats, premium dark denim, and a pendant necklace. These items not only keep you warm, but you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your style. Also, these four items will carry you from day to night. Nothing is more frustrating than having to do outfit changes, run home, and back outside again in freezing weather.

For your day look, pair your boots, jeans, and necklace with a work appropriate silk blouse or dress top. See below for an example. The color and print blends well with the brown of the boots, darkness of the denim, and matches the olive color of the over-sized coat.

iris blouse

When it’s time to switch it up for cocktails with the girls, or date night with the beau, keep the same items on and just take off the top. You can opt to replace the top and jeans for a cutout white cocktail dress. The white is perfect for the season, the cutouts keep it sexy, and white ensures that your color palette isn’t all over the place.

cutout white cocktail dress

Never sacrifice your sexy for warmth! You can have your cake and eat it too, during this Polar Vortex.

1.Olive Over-sized Coat ($59.99 from Zara)

2. Vintage Pendant Yves Saint Laurent Necklace ($428.16 from farfetch.com)

3. Boots ($28.99 from Discount Women’s Dress Shoes)

4. Dark Denim Jeans ($78.00 from Levi)

5. Iris Print Blouse ($80.00 from Topshop)

6. Hyper Femme Strapless Dress ($19.80 from Forever21)

3FReligion…where Friends, Fashion, and Food Rule.


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