Cooking Confessions: Curry Chicken Neophyte


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with Thai food. It’s my favorite type of cuisine to chow down on. But I have a confession. As much as I enjoy Thai, I’ve never made a homemade Thai dish or curry recipe. I feel like such a foodie fraud. Let the stoning begin!

This weekend I am turning over a new leaf, a basil leaf that is. I plan on creating my first curry dish. I definitely plan to include chicken and my favorite veggies, but, I’m wondering if the dish is difficult to make? I know the end product will be amaze-balls but I want the prep and process to be fun too.

As you can imagine, there are tons of curry recipes but I need help! Eek! Have any of you cooked curry and if so, can you share a good recipe? A brotha plans on eating well this weekend.




One thought on “Cooking Confessions: Curry Chicken Neophyte

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