Un-Clucking Believable: 2 Fat 2 Fly


I’ve come across my fair share of food trucks. They are everywhere these days. But one truck has taken chicken wings to the next level, and Columbia residents couldn’t be happier.

2 Fat 2 Fly sells chicken wings but not in the traditional way. This vendor sells stuffed chicken wings! Yes you read that correctly…stuffed chicken wings. And they taste as good as they sound. I didn’t even know that it was possible to stuff chicken wings. My mind was completely blown when I came across this truck.

2 Fat 2 Fly offers a variety of flavors. You can have an order of wings stuffed with mac-n-cheese, jambalaya, or jalapenos with a cheese sauce. How creative are these guys? I am not sure when the truck is going on a nationwide tour, but, Columbia SC residents need to check 2 Fat 2 Fly out immediately. They do lunch, dinner, and also caterings. My personal favorite is the ‘Sucka Punch’ wings. The ‘Sucka Punch’ wings are stuffed with fresh jalapenos, bacon and cheddar cheese. My mouth had an orgasm; the wings were incredible!

If you are chicken lovers, then you’ll love their food. It’s always exciting to find foodies who take a boring dish and take it to another level. To see where the truck will be parked for the day, be sure to follow them on Twitter or add them on Facebook.



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