Miley Cyrus Gets Naked: Who The Hell Cares?


Miley Cyrus bares all for the March issue of W Magazine. W is known for pushing boundaries and risqué editorials but I’m not impressed with this spread. I’m sure the interview was fantastic, and yes, Miley is talented but being naked is nothing new for her.

Every other photo of this young lady is a nude or semi-nude. When she performs, her outfits are barely there or very revealing. So…why would W Magazine think that a nude shoot is “shocking” for Miley Cyrus? This shit isn’t new for her. If anything, people would be more shocked to see this young woman fully dressed. With W’s prominence in the fashion world, it would have been easy to get the spring/summer collections and give us a superbly styled fashion shoot. Yawn, it looks like skin and itty bitty titties were the order du jour.

W Magazine rocks and Miley is a rockstar, but next time it would be nice to see her transformed into something she doesn’t already give. Serve up the newness and fashion drama W. 3FReligion thanks you in advance.

Those rings and accessories on the cover are fly as hell though…werk!

3FReligion…where Friends, Fashion, and Food Rule!



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