These Boots Were Made For Walking


I could talk about the knits, the silhouettes, the colors, and patterns but let’s talk about the boots! Alexander Wang’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection was insanely original and good but I couldn’t stop looking at the boots and shoes. The man is a genius. I am not sure if you’ve noticed but boots are the must have shoe at the moment! Last year it was all about the black and white thigh high Tom Ford boot but I predict women going gaga over Alexander Wang’s latest collection and especially going cuckoo for cocoa puffs over the boots. I swear boots have a NYC publicist, because boots have become a year round item and designers are going all out to create cool new boots to go with their collections.

See some of the amazing looks from the Alexander Wang show below, but pay close attention to the shoe game. Fabulous right? The boots are everything and then some.


3FReligion…where Friends, Fashion, and Food Rule!


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