Good Grief, is it Valentine’s Day Already?

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What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes the single man or woman loathe their single-dom? All throughout the year singles feel good about themselves. We are the ones who can stay out late, meet friends on a whim for cocktails, and rack up as many sex partners as we desire. But it only takes one day, out of the entire 365 day calendar to bring our confidence to the lowest of the lows. Valentine’s Day…fun for some, hell for singles.

Valentine’s Day is a legitimate holiday. But where is the day that celebrates being free and unattached?  No one sends me a box of chocolates, roses, or even a card for not picking the wrong mate.  Valentine’s Day should be renamed to National Discrimination Against Singles Day. That is definitely a more honest holiday name, than a name that quote unquote is all about love. To make matters worse, Valentine’s is on a Friday. Anyone who is single knows the issue with it being on a Friday. Friday is the ultimate day for singles. It is the one night where we are allowed to crowd the bars, restaurants, and dinner parties in search of “the one.” But no, tomorrow we will have two choices. We can go out and look like losers while everyone is coupled up and sharing a candlelit dinner or we can stay in and contemplate where our love lives are heading. Sounds like a lose lose situation if you ask me. Does anyone out there have a time machine; I want to fast forward to Saturday and skip the day all together.

Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate love and those who have found it. Love is a beautiful thing but do singles have to be beaten down for not finding that special person? I would suggest going out and being a single, sexy, confident individual but most of my friends are dating or in a relationship…so that isn’t an option. Singles let’s unite and petition for a new holiday. What should we call it? Singles’ Day, Freedom Day, or maybe Independence Day…wait, that last one is already taken. Shit.

Being single is never an easy job, but tomorrow is definitely D-Day for us. Just remember my single friends, if we can survive 364 days, we can definitely weather the coldest winter holiday known as Valentine’s Day. And hey, maybe next year we will be playing for the other team and shouting love from the rooftops. Probably not, but it’s nice to say that. Just sleep well at night knowing that even if you have no mate, you have my love and I hope I have yours too.

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