Kylie Minogue: Less Is Best Apparently

Into The Blue3

Kylie Minogue’s latest single, Into The Blue, is a hot track but the music video is even hotter. While I love the song and the beat, I kept thinking one thing: SEQUINS! Not enough people are wearing sequins in their daily lives.

The Australian native wears an eye popping sequin jacket in the vid matched with a black leotard, stockings, and heels. Less is best, but Minogue knew that much isn’t needed when you are styled with sequins. She looks like a superstar, which she is, and I am can’t believe she is 45. Momma looks like a spring chicken. She might be a vampire and drinks blood to look youthful. I am just kidding about that last part but come on Kylie, you are making other 40-somethings look bad!

The singer took to her Vevo page on Youtube and said her look was  by Saint Laurent and designed by Hedi Slimane. I wonder if it included the sequin jacket look. The singer wasn’t specific, but whoever is responsible, I thank you and the Kylie fans thank you.

Everyone should take the Kylie 40-something challenge and add more sequins into their wardrobe. Pump up the volume and add glamour to your everyday routine. If it’s good enough for pop diva Kylie, it’s definitely more than good enough for us regular folks.

Into The Blue Into The Blue2

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