Lady Edith Crawley, Is That You?!

Laura Carmichael plays Lady Edith Crawley on the hit show Downton Abbey. For those familiar with the show, Lady Edith isn’t the most glamorous or sexiest character. She is very direct, intelligent, and the most homely of the Crawley sisters. Well…imagine my shock when seeing Laura Carmichael/Lady Edith in all her red carpet glory! Home girl is a total fashionista and a vision to look at.


Carmichael looks like a true starlet in this Burgundy Christopher Kane Dress and her choice for the Screen Actors Guild Awards is totally fashion forward! Who knew all this beauty was underneath the 1920’s costumes and finger waved hair?




But Downton Abbey and Carmichael aren’t all about fun and fashion. Carmichael’s character this season tackles social issues that still are hot button issues present day. In the current season, Lady Edith is coming to terms with being pregnant before marriage. In fact, the baby daddy cannot be found…the bum has gone M.I.A! Lady Edith is trying to decide if she should keep the child or have an abortion, which was illegal in 1920’s England.

3FReligion doesn’t want to spoil anything for Down ton Abbey fans so we won’t say anything else about the storyline of the show, but it’s been a blast watching Lady Edith develop over four seasons and it’s been an even bigger treat seeing a red carpet style star bloom. For the latest on Downtown Abbey and its cast, check out

3FReligion…where Friends, Fashion and Food Rule


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