Foolery & Fuckery At Its Finest: Jeremy Scott for Moschino



How are we suppose to take Jeremy Scott and Moschino seriously? His collection for the Italian fashion house Moschino was a mess, a hot mess. There wasn’t anything original or creative about the looks. I swear the collection looked as if Jeremy got high, watched Nickelodeon cartoons, and then went to the grocery store. Putting a cartoon character like Spongebob, and food logos on clothing isn’t art. I take that last part back, it is art, but BAD art. The collection was just plain lazy.

3FReligion likes Moschino and Jeremy Scott…but separately. Scott’s avant garde, pop, acid aesthetic is not what Moschino fans are used to or care for. There’s nothing wrong with bringing your personal taste to alter the course of an established fashion brand, but Scott didn’t change the course for Moschino. Jeremy Scott is taking Moschino on a whole new acid trip/high. 

The sad thing is that the shapes and silhouettes were very nice. But all of that is lost in the crazy cartoons and nutrition facts logos. Moschino is heading down a dangerous path and out of the fashion elite club. Let’s just hope this Jeremy Scott madness is put to rest, and Moschino starts real design again.

Heck…can Scott legally sell a collection with Spongebob on it? See the entire travesty of a collection below. I still can’t believe this was allowed on the runway.


3FReligion…where Friends, Fashion, Food, and TASTE rule!


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