Someone Call 9-1-1! Stella McCartney is on Fire!

“Take me back…take me back Dear Lord…To the place where I first believed” were the only things I could hear when I saw the Stella McCartney collection for Fall/Winter 2014. I needed to pull all the power of my ancestral roots and the comfort of an old Negro spiritual to calm my mind, body, and spirit. McCartney knocked this one out of the park…the baseball has left earth’s atmosphere…the collection was simply F-I-R-E!

The collection started off nice and simple with traditional black and navy silhouettes and shapes. The items had quintessential Stella McCartney touches. A shoulder detail here, woven embroidery there, a short cut everywhere. The collection started in a way that you knew you were looking at Stella pieces. But by the eighteenth look, the clothes began to transform. Cara Delevingne came out on the runway like a winter minx. She was purring…not Cara, but the clothes. Look 18 radiated such sexuality while still being covered. Take a look for yourself


Women, just like Cara, will be radiating sexual heat while being completely covered. This is one of the talents of McCartney. She finds the perfect balance between art, sex appeal, what a woman wants, and practicality. Look 18 is a look that: women will want to wear, men will want to tear off, and both will want to keep handy for a cold chilly night. But the genius creativity didn’t stop at this look.

The collection continues with more knit looking pieces and pops of color but by look 28, another change began to manifest in the show. McCartney married navy blues, grey, whites, and blacks to a traditional suit silhouette. But as convoluted as that sounds, it was genius. The colors flowed so seamlessly with the fabric that the suit almost looked like a suit of blue reptilian armor. Simply amazing!

(Look 28)

While reviewing the collection my pulse was ever racing, but I reached for my bible and hymn book when I saw look 34. Look 34 has change, is changing, and will change the fashion design game. Stella McCartney gave us our past, present, and future with this dress. Look 34 is giving me 1920’s flapper, meets 90’s simplicity, with present day color blocking and draping. It’s a feast for the eyes, and mind. 3 essences wrapped into one Stella McCartney dress. Simply brilliant!


My love for fashion is eternal, and there have been plenty of collections that I have loved. But Stella McCartney proves yet again that she is a master of her craft and we are under her spell. Not only is the collection artistic and pretty, it is wearable and sellable. In this economy it is important to have both. Ladies I insist, no I demand that the Stella McCartney Fall/Winter collection be in your closet. It better or you’ll be praying to the fashion gods if you don’t.

See the entire collection below. Enjoy!


3FReligion…where Friends, Fashion, and Food Rule! 


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