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Supermodel or SuperFreak?! Is Cara Delevingne A Lesbian?

Supermodel Superfreak

Cara Delevingne is used to covering fashion magazines but I wonder if she has gotten comfortable with being the topic of tabloids? The British supermodel has been keeping the tabloids and gossip blogs busy with her alleged romance with Hollywood action star Michelle Rodriguez.  Most recently, the two were spotted together on vacation and allegedly shared a KISS!




This isn’t the first time the two have been spotted getting up close and personal. The pair also was caught by paparazzi at a basketball game having fun…a lot of fun. Are the two just friends or is there love in the air? Based on the photos out there, the two seem pretty HOT & HEAVY!


Cara recently took to twitter and said this:


I couldn’t care less if Cara was a lesbian, straight, bisexual or a houseplant. As long as her personal life doesn’t distract from her work and amazing modeling portfolio, I am all for it. We have a saying in The South, “If you like it, I LOVE it.” This saying seems so appropriate at this point.  Cara just needs to keep doing what she does best, MODELING! But I wonder if her off camera performances are as good as her on camera performances. Can someone get Michelle’s number so I can ask? Either way, I love Cara Delevingne she’s a friend in my mind…hehe!

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