Columbus Short: Scandal’s Understated Style Star!


The ladies have Kerry Washington but the fellas, we have Columbus Short! Scandal is well known for its heart racing plot lines, great writing, and cool political concepts but the biggest star of the show is FASHION! Every week, people are always wondering what Kerry wore, and then try to immolate that into their own wardrobes.  Kerry Washington may be Scandal’s star but Columbus Short gives her a run for her money in the style department.


Neckties, suspenders, suits, and great shoes are Short’s arsenal against the ladies of Scandal. He by far holds his own with his wardrobe and looks great doing it. He shows men, and women who dress their men, how to dress. His look on the show can be classified as tailored chic. Chic isn’t a word often associated with men, but Short has raised the bar for men’s style on television.

There’s something undeniably sexy about a man dressing like a man. Men’s fashion is funky, fun, and edgy at times but sometimes less is best! Short’s character, Harrison Wright, is the perfect example of a guy who is fashionable but still looks masculine.


But Short’s savvy style isn’t limited to Scandal. His personal style is great too! He’s all about tailored blazers, colored pants, and sexy button downs. There are definitely similarities between his own clothing choices and his character’s.


Scandal is a hit show for ABC but the men’s style is striking a chord too. You can catch Columbus Short and the cast of Scandal every Thursday night 10pm on ABC.  And in honor of great style, you can see some of 3FRELIGION’s favorite looks from the men and ladies of the show down below.


3FReligion…where Friend, Fashion, and Food Rule!




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