Spring 2014: The Must Have Accessory for Men!


The hat is back, and in a major way. It is the must have item this Spring when it comes to men’s fashion. Baseball caps, and “fitted” caps do not count. You will want to work a pork-pie hat, fedora, or an over sized topper a la Pharrell Williams.



Some guys feel that they aren’t able to rock a hat, but that is simply not true. Anyone can rock a hat; it’s all about finding the right one for your style and head shape.



Your ensemble has the potential to be great, but if you add a lid, you will be bringing a level of old world sophistication and haberdashery that isn’t seen often in street-wear. I am not suggesting you go overboard and give an over the top editorial look. But go for 1950’s Parisian hipster. An Italian hipster motivation is perfectly acceptable too. No matter how you wear your hat just be sure to have fun with it.



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