Men and Fish: 2 Things That Should Never Fall Apart!


Tilapia is the fish on deck for restaurants and kitchens across America. While I love eating it, I am not a big fan of cooking the soft white fish. Yes it has flavor, it’s quick to cook, and popular with all types of people…BUT…I can’t stand cooking the thing. My cooking style often calls for baking, broiling, or slow cooking. Tilapia is great fried, but when broiled or baked it easily falls apart! Salmon never gives me this trouble, so I don’t expect these type of shenanigans from a lesser fish. Yes, I could easily lift the fish with a spatula but I don’t have one. I am lower middle class and my kitchen isn’t the fanciest. I mainly lift my food items with forks, knives, or whatever is handy. Should I have to sacrifice my cooking style for a fish that I have no connection to? Buying a spatula or changing my approach is too much of a commitment. What has Tilapia ever done for my black ass? Nothing. 

I plan on sticking with Salmon, and yes, I will still eat and make Tilapia. But be aware, if you like to bake, broil, or slow cook your fish for stews…Tilapia is not your sea critter. Opt for a fish that holds better like swordfish, shark meat, or my homeboy salmon. Just make sure to enjoy your cuisine no matter which one you choose. Happy eating y’all!

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