Shred Alert! Are Your Jeans Ready For Summer?

Shred Alert

When warm weather arrives, the clothes get tighter and shorter. And your jeans are not exempt from transforming. To be on trend, your jeans should be stripped and shredded!


Fall and winter are perfect for dark wash denim, but warmer temps call for lighter washed jeans. Try wearing a pair of white jeans, or even stonewashed jeans. Yes, I did say stonewashed. Not only are lighter colored jeans the thing of the moment, they work really well with the shredded deconstructed look.


Your jeans should never expose your entire leg. Choose your own level of shredding, but just make sure it’s tasteful. You can opt for a few patches here or there or many. The key is to show skin. It’s all about exposing that thigh. Balancing the look is important too. You can class it up with a sexy stiletto heel and spring top, or opt for a total grunge look and pair your jeans with black motorcycle boots.

This trend has been spotted on several celebrities already, and honestly this is nothing new. This trend has been around for years, and with summer approaching, it’s back again. Get ready for summer and make sure your jeans are on point!


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