Exposed: My Beauty Bar!


Look, I need to keep it 100 hundred like summertime! I have oily, acne prone skin, that scars easily. And I am always on the quest for the perfect products to keep the shine away, even me out, and keep the acne at bay. Well I think I have found the perfect regimen. And maybe it can help you.

I start by washing the built up dirt and oil with Cetaphil. I follow by using Black Soap to deep clean and treat. Afterwards, I combine the Yes to Grapefruit Serum and Moisturizer. By combining the two together, I get a matte look that moisturizes and treats. The glow on my skin is perfect and I have gotten many compliments from coworkers and friends.

The quest to beauty is a long one, but by sharing tips and being transparent, it can be a little easier. I can’t wait to see and read your own beauty tips.

Flawless…not yet, but eventually! Hehe.




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