Glee Hits High Notes With Music and Fashion!


Season five of Glee just ended, and I kept thinking, “Thank God those kids are now in NYC.” Ever since the location change in Season 4, the music has gotten better, but the fashions have too. It only makes since that the show would step their style game up, since the cast now lives in the fashion mecca NYC. And there isn’t just one character getting all the fabulous clothes. All of the cast is looking and dressing better. NYC has a way of making you step your game up. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the Before and after NYC shots!



Without a doubt, the outfits and costumes have become more streamlined and fashion focused! Let’s take a moment to thank God for fashion growth. Next year’s season 6 is reportedly the last season of the hit show but I am sure the show will continue it’s NYC style and end on a fashion high note. We can’t wait to see all the looks!

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