Oh No She Didn’t! Gwyneth Paltrow Disses Vogue Met Gala!

Celebrities, stylists, and the fashion elite are all heading to NYC for next week’s Met Gala. But Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t on the list and isn’t attending. Paltrow was less than impressed with last year’s event and shared her thoughts about the night on an Australian radio show.

“Do you want me to be honest? It sucked. It seems like the best thing in the world. You think, ‘Oh my god, it’s going to be so glamorous and amazing, and you’re going to see all these famous people.’ And then you get there, and it’s so hot, and so crowded, and everyone’s pushing you. This year it was really intense. It wasn’t fun! Kanye West was playing, and he was furious, and he threw his microphone down. It was all drama! I don’t know why he was furious. And everyone was dressed in punk… I feel that we’re all a bit old to be dressed punk, you know what I mean? I didn’t. I just went kind of normal.”

Wow, tell us how you really feel Gwyneth. But be careful…you don’t want to tick off Vogue Editor and Chief and Met Gala organizer ANNA WINTOUR!

The Oscar winner’s rep says Paltrow won’t be in NYC this year during the event but a Vogue rep said…

“Vogue is always happy to have Gwyneth attend the Met Gala.”




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