Rihanna Rocks and Shocks With New Look!


Rihanna opted for a punk/grunge look for last night’s I Heart Radio Awards aired on NBC. Normally she shocks the public with what she isn’t wearing but this time her dark style was all that people could talk about. Leather, lace, dark makeup, and edgy hair were the recipe for the evening. While this look may contrast with her usual sexy girl style, the pop star never misses a chance to stand out.


Even while standing next to bombshell, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna commands attention. Is this look permanent? Who knows, but it may be good luck. The singer won Artist of the Year last night! Congratulations on the win RiRi, but I am still on the fence about this getup. Naked, barely dressed, or grunge…you always come out on top. Now that is something I am not on the fence about. Hehe.


All I want to know is, what did Pharrell say to you. Was he jealous that your hair was getting more attention than his hat? Just kidding.


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