27 Years Old & I Still Eat Like A Kid.


A lot of things change as we get older. The way we dress, talk, and look all change. And most of the changes that take place are new, exciting, and fun. I turned 27 this past Tuesday and change was all I could think about. So much had taken place this past year and that week. I moved into a new apartment. I removed a few names from my little black book. And I started a new beauty/facial regimen. You’ll find out more about that in a future post, but I digress.

While so much has changed, one thing has stayed the same. I may be 27 but I love to eat all the foods that brought me so much pleasure as a kid. My palate has matured but I am just remixing and reinventing old favorites.

My coworker took me out for lunch and I ordered a quesadilla burger. I ordered it medium because any smart adult foodie knows beef is best when it isn’t well done. I also ditched the hamburger buns for grilled tortillas. While my upgrades were a true sign of maturity, I still ordered a hamburger. I was in the mood for beef and could have had filet mignon, rib-eye, or T-Bone steak but the kid in me couldn’t do it. So a burger it was!


But I truly realized that I was a kid playing adult food games when my mom took me out for dinner. We went to Bonefish Grill. I wanted to try a new trendy pizza place, but since I was with Mom, I took her taste into consideration too. We chatted and started with bang bang shrimp, but when my eyes zeroed in on the Lobster Grilled Cheese and Lobster Tomato Bisque, I knew exactly what I was having.


It was heaven in my mouth. I finished every last crumb. But when I reflected, I realized my meal was nothing but an upgrade of a Kraft grilled cheese sandwich, and Campbell’s Tomato soup. Why was I making all this youth inspired eating choices on the day set aside for my aging?

I am no psychologist, but I think in some way I was recapturing my youth since I was a year older. Change and age are fabulous but sometimes you just want to be kid, or in my case, eat like one. I won’t be reaching for baby food anytime in the future, but when it comes to food and dining…I think we had it right when we were kids.

Happy Eating Y’all!


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