Met Gala 2014 Battle Royale: Solange Knowles and Jay Z Fight!


The world is left wondering what could have caused a fight to occur between Solange Knowles and brother in law Jay Z. The two, along with Beyonce were dressed to the nines for last week’s Met Gala, but by the end of the night the couture came off and the gloves went on! In video released by TMZ, Solange can be seen engaging with Jay and bodyguards trying to hold her back. But what could have caused this melee? Was it cheating allegations, a family dispute, or were Solange and Jay Z upset because they and Beyonce didn’t make my best dressed list.


But everyone is wondering if Solange was just taking up for her sister. This tweet is floating around the internet, and many think this might offer insight into the brawl. If you check Solange’s twitter feed, you won’t see this tweet. Did it ever exist and is the above tweet real or did the singer delete it from her timeline? There are many questions that need to be answered but one thing is for sure…you better not mess with Solange Knowles.



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