Revlon Is Running Out!

When a women’s cosmetic brand uses a man to sell nail polish, it’s clear that their marketing/advertising department has run out of ideas. I was minding my own business and reading a fashion magazine, and wham bam thank you mam, I came across a Revlon ad. I wasn’t greeted by the current faces of Halle Berry, Emma Stone, or Olivia Wilde. I was greeted by a male model.

Ok, so I get the concept of the nail color being so fabulous and cool that it not only gets the woman’s attention it captivates the men who would want her. Not that original for a cosmetic brand, but yes, I get the idea. But you don’t even see the female Revlon model; all you see is the face of Mikey Kay.

Revlon needs to rethink, reassess and re-approach their ads. It’s always the same thing, same poses, and same feel. And using a man in a nail polish ad isn’t thought provoking or cool…it’s just lazy if you ask me. Just like a fashion house, magazine, or any other industry, Revlon needs to bring some fresh pictures and concepts to their audience and customers. It’s ok to think outside the box and reinvent yourself. If Revlon doesn’t act fast, they will definitely continue to lose out to younger hipper brands like L’Oreal, M.A.C, and Maybelline. In fact, if you truly think, mainly old ladies and grandmas buy Revlon.

Revlon, please step your game up.





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