Beauty Bar Chronicles: The Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin!



When you have acne oily prone skin, you become a skin expert at an early age. Countless purchases of skin products, trips to the dermatologist, research, and beauty magazine reading makes you a sort of expert of what is good and bad for skin. Heck, given all my trials, tribulations, and experimenting…I could easily be the world’s foremost authority on skin. On my journey on finding the best products for my skin and trying to attain my generation’s golden standard of flawless, I have found my favorite moisturizer and best one for my oily skin.


Acure Organics has an oil control facial moisturizer with chlorella growth factor and lilac stem cells. One word: AMAZING! Normally, even when a moisturizer is formulated for oily skin, it never works. I am shiny and oily like a tar pit, which by no means is a cute look. But this product goes on like a cream. I was hesitant at first, because most creams are thick and leave you over moisturized and shiny. This product has a cream texture but goes on matte and is cooling as it settles. Not only does it control oil like it says, it evens me out and my skin is getting softer and suppler thanks to the stem cells. Gotta love science right?  The most shine I get is actually a glow, which is perfect for my brown skin. Serioulsy, I will never buy another moisturizer; I have found THE ONE!


Given the moisturizing, evening, and mattifying qualities of this product, I am sure it would work well as a primer under makeup too!

The road to a successful face and beauty story is a treacherous long one, but so far I have mastered the moisturizer game for acne/oily skin. Omg I sing praises for this moisturizer. If you have oily skin like me I suggest you try it.

Happy Thursday Y’all from a brown boy in the south.



P.S. – Don’t be afraid to share your own beauty bar chronicles and favorite beauty products, tips, and tricks.




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