Lower Middle Class Outfit Envy…


The best type of friends are the ones who put us in our places without trying or meaning to do so. It’s nature’s way of reminding us of our individual places, and in my case, my new friend is a reminder of my Lower Middle Class status. Honestly, who needs enemies when you can make fabulous fashionable friends that make you question: every style choice you’ve made in your adult life, all the overdue credit card statements from trips to Barneys, or just how fab-u-LESS your life really is.

Cool, stylish, and hip are all words that describe my new friend Kevin. He’s the kind of guy that dresses so well that if you saw him in the street, you would cross to the other side in fear of him judging your outfit or shoes. Luckily superficiality is not one of his character traits, so when he asked my opinion on some shoes he was thinking about buying, I was happy to oblige.


Sticker shock would be the appropriate term to use when I saw Kevin’s options. Correction…sticker shock mixed with a dash of flabbergast, a pinch of bitch, a teaspoon of jealousy, and a hint of admiration would more accurately describe my myriad of emotions. Kevin approaches his shoe shopping in a way that reminds me of a meal. First there is an appetizer to wet the fashion pallet, then there is the main course that the true shopper wants and has to have, and then there is dessert where you satisfy your hunger but don’t go overboard like you did with the main course.

The first course consisted of white loafers by Yes Shoes, a brand created by Sole Struck.ImageImage

The Second course were Gucci fringe loafers for $640!Image

But Kevin decided on a pair of Kenzo kicks for $140…yes they were on sale but my rent is due this week. Any shopping of any kind is going to be out of my price range.



But Kevin does get credit. By watching him purchase all the things I want, he’s keeping me on budget.

Despite my Lower Middle Class envy, I am so happy to have Kevin in my circle. His style is inspiring and so is his budget. Maybe one day I can make him envy one of my fashion buys but until then, I’ll remain green with envy.



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