Resort…Garden Parties…Models…What the heck does it all mean?


I remember a time when you only had to remember two things: The Fall/Winter shows that debut in February and the Spring/Summer collections that are shown in September.  It’s already confusing enough since the shows don’t line up with the current season that you’re in, but now we have to add more confusion to the mix.


For the past few years designers have added pre-Fall collections and resort shows to the itinerary. What the heck is pre-fall and resort? I mean pre-fall is still summer right…who knows…but Stella McCartney had her resort 2015 collection on full display last week and while I may be confused on what season “Resort” is for, I am not confused on the fabulous looks that were at the garden party.


The designer, models, and celebrities were all on deck and looking fabulous. Of course everyone wore Stella McCartney. But the standouts for me were Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne. The jumpsuit is so laid back but yet so chic and having a printed jumpsuit is even better. Both jumpsuits that the girls wore are by McCartney and I am dying to see a street style version of these looks!


The Resort 2015 Collection gives me a sense of laid back luxury. It’s the kind of collection that you would wear when trying to be low maintenance but give a high maintenance vibe. Translation: effortlessly chic! The designer used unifying tones of blues, greens, and cool patterns to unify the pieces. Quite frankly this collection could easily pass for a Spring/Summer collection.


But the resort items were not the only showstoppers; Amber Heard turned heads when she arrived in a dress from McCartney’s Fall/Winter collection.


After all this, I am still unclear on what resort really means and what season it is for. But if you stick with Stella, you’ll be well dressed all year long and great style never leaves any confusion. Enjoy pics of party and 2015 Resort looks below.



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