Working Woman Wednesday!

Jewel tones are not just for Fall and Winter wardrobes. These subtly deep and rich hues are perfect for Spring and Summer. But make sure you style the pieces and clothes right to get the desired chic look!


It’s important to put your darkest hue on top to bring attention to your overall look and not just the bottom. Choose jewel tones from opposite primary color families for the biggest effect. I love the look of jewel tone blue paired with a light jade green. To balance the look of the pants and jacket, opt for a neutral colored top like a crème and pair the entire outfit with solid colored clutch. The pink matches the blue and green perfectly, and adds a soft feminine feel to the look. Jewel tones are awesome but sometimes they can give a masculine strong look. Balancing with a girly accessory in pink is essential.


Break from the traditional spring/summer solids and bright tones and add sophistication with jewel tones. This season is all about heat, and that includes your personal style too!

The style details are below, but DON’T BREAK THE BANK to achieve this look. Use a high end option as a guide to your personal style and opt for affordable retailers. But if you have the budget to shop high end…well…more power to you! Just be sure to grab me something from the men’s section.

Happy Styling Y’all.

1. Givenchy clutch
2. Vera Wang Chiffon Blouse
3. Vanessa Bruno Blazer
4. JOSEPH double silk Fellini trousers
5. Giuseppe Zanotti python sandals
6. House of Harlow pendant


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