From Casual 2 Calculated!

Street style and personal style are all the rage. While many are still looking to the runways for inspiration and season trends, the masses are no longer solely relying on designers to show them how to wear the looks. The savvy fashionista and fashionisto are buying what they like and styling how they want. This leads to a bevy of colors, prints, and ensembles that are better than runway looks and in some cases…worst. But cool street style isn’t limited to the edgy, colorful, or fashion obsessed. Laid back style lovers can get in on the street style trend and mix and match brands and pieces to create a casual look that is all their own.

Pump up the casually classic jeans and a t-shirt by opting for high end accessories and with signature wardrobe staples. Casual doesn’t mean cheap…so take your favorite skinny jeans and graphic tee and pair them with high end sneakers. In the style layout, I chose Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers. The gold plating and high end look of the shoes takes the outfit from casual to CALCULATED. Match them with some cool hip shades and your street style is instantly taken to the next level. The look is still jeans and a t-shirt but it translates to high end coolness that is enviable!

Casual doesn’t just have to feel great, it can look great too. Happy Styling Y’all!


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