Beauty and Brains: The Deadly Combination!



Christina Hendricks is campaigning for equality and women rights in the workplace. The Mad Men star, and hollywood beauty joined President Barack Obama for the The White House Summit on Working Families. Obama and Hendricks said Monday that the United States should join the rest of the industrialized world and offer paid leave for mothers and newborns.

While political issues are normal for President Obama, Christina Hendricks is making a splash on the DC political scene. Hendricks plays a single mother on the hit AMC show Mad Men, so advocating women’s right and causes are not foreign to the actress.


Hendricks, who plays Joan Harris on the show, said that “in the 21st Century, the only place for a story like Joan’s should be on TV.”

Christina Hendricks is known for her curves and beauty, but it’s fantastic to see her advocating for political rights for American families. I wonder what is next for Hendricks? She may not be running for President anytime soon, but I look forward to seeing her political platform blossom.






3 thoughts on “Beauty and Brains: The Deadly Combination!

  1. Stuff like this is where feminism goes horribly wrong. We need to not be advocating for women’s rights, but parents rights. We to not have paid leave for mothers. We need to have paid leave for parents. Special rules just for women, like maternity leave, are one of the primary driving factors in the wage gap and so few women reaching the top. A special rule that enforces paid leave, but only for women, reinforces the out dated and regressive stereotype that women’s place is in the kitchen and that men are not capable of properly caring for children.

    • I agree that there should be equal parental rights but I can’t fault women who are more vocal or who take the lead on this issue. The summit was focused on families (men and women) but men should also do a better job of voicing our issues when it comes to family and the workplace. Family issues typically bend towards women because men aren’t as vocal about those issues. Bravo to those taking a step towards positive change in my humble opinion 🙂

      • I do say bravo to those taking a step towards positive change. This is not one such step. Creating special female only benefits that makes it more expensive to hire women while at the same time reinforcing the primary care giver stereotype is taking a step backwards.

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