The Brazilian Bombshell That Used A Body Double! OMG I Just Can’t…


Just a couple posts ago I reported on the new Balenciaga campaign and its star’s, Gisele Bundchen, new haircut. I mentioned and asked if the cut was even real since the supermodel currently has a Pantene Pro-V contract. Well the truth has finally hit the street. Bundchen did not cut her hair, she used a body double! Say what?!

The former Victoria Secret model did indeed pose and worked her gorgeous face, but another person was used to get the short hair effect. According to The Telegraph a body double mimicked and mimed Gisele’s moves and later the shots were digitally blended and retouched by Pascal Dangin. Clearly modern day technology is extremely advanced, and us lower middle class folks should learn to not trust what we see.

I’m just dissapointed. I was really hoping Giselle was taking her look to an edgier level, but oh well! The campaign is still fabulous but the secret is out.

I wonder if I get that re-toucher to work on a few of my pics…



8 thoughts on “The Brazilian Bombshell That Used A Body Double! OMG I Just Can’t…

      • Honey that’s just good lighting. I want to try Lancome Visionnaire serum so I can be super even and I want my pores to be invisible lol. Have you tried it?

      • fashionibu says:

        i’ve been using lancome for my skin all my life (or so to say lol) but haven’t tried the visionnaire yet. i use genifique serum and cream. but my skin can’t be an example anyway!

      • fashionibu says:

        youth activation, hon. it’s brilliant! the serum is absorbed by the skin easily and you don’t even need much. even a sample bottle will last! i’m using the cream as well.

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