A Case of the Mondays!

A Case of the Mondays!

“Don’t wear it”, “Don’t Do it”, and “It isn’t a good look” were all things said when the short-suit came on the scene. People had a hard time figuring out where to wear the trend or how to style it. The summer heat wave has many men rethinking their position on the new suit trend but do not fear, 3FReligion is here to help…until my boss comes over and asks what I am doing. But until then, here goes!

Step 1: Pick a Bright Color!

Shorts suits are mainly for warmer temps and spring/summer months so pick a color. You don’t want to do a traditional navy blue, black, or dark grey. Save the business suit colors for the colder seasons and pick a bright hue for the warm ones. Red is a great choice. It a masculine color that will work well as a color base. Not only does color fall in line with the season, it helps you standout. What’s the point of wearing a short suit if you don’t want to get noticed?

Step 2: Shades Are Essential!

I like to call sunglasses “hater blockers.” There is no better way to give a cool vibe when rocking a new trend with some great shades. I like black shades; That way people can’t see you, but they can definitely see your look. The short suit screams warm, so it’s important that you accessorize with the right accessories.

Step 3:

Most suits call for a nice loafer or dress shoe. But a short suit calls for sneakers. Shorts with a suit is a casual interpretation of a more business/formal staple, so continue the trend. Sneakers help keep the theme of cool going. For my red ensemble above, brown kicks with the splattered paint unifies the look and helps break the all the red with the jarring contrast. Make sure you calculate the color scheme when picking a shoe.

The short suit may not be for everyone, but with these steps, it is definitely easier to rock it. Style it your way and say out with the old traditions and in with the new.

2junya_watanabe2010 image1xxlblazer-suit



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