Wake Me Up When Back 2 School Shopping Is Done!

Untitled #86
America and the World, I do not have kids. So…why must I endure the ads, the sales, and the inevitable excitement that comes with back to school shopping season. This time of year I avoid Walmart, Target, department stores, and shoe stores. I hunker down in my home bunker like a World War I soldier and do my shopping online. But even then, the enemy slips in promoting back to school sales and online specials. For the single guy, there is no escaping this battle but for the fashionable one, we can definitely fight on our turf!
When sending your youngster back to school, dress him like a young lord. Most parents think way too highly of their kids…so dress them in only the best. Instead of the typical jeans and t-shirts, opt for polished looks. He will stand out from the high school crowd and will be well on his way to conquer a college campus. Nod to the conservative crowd with a navy colored jacket and matching pants. And pop with the ultimate neutral…WHITE! White shoes scream sophistication and boldness.
Have fun with the backpack though. Every kid, high-school-er, and collegiate wants the best bag. MCM makes amazing leather goods that stand out and are truly unique.
 An animal print combined with the sophisticated navy will turn your student into a model strutting the runway…oops…I mean the hallway.
I know this may not be the typical style of dress for a child, but trust and believe, my kids will be styled to death. I just have to get around to finding an egg donor first. Happy back to school shopping and remind the kids it’s ok to be unique…just like their style.

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