Vogue is known for it’s annual September issue, but that bitch better watch her back! Harper’s Bazaar is preparing to have the biggest and best September issue that they have ever done. The theme for Bazaar in September is Icons, and the magazine didn’t pull any punches. They enlisted some of the biggest names in music, acting, and modeling to cover the publication and for an iconic fashion spread. The covers and spread were styled by iconic stylist Carine Roitfeld. Linda Evangelista may have snagged the model icon cover, but a notable mention has to be given to Iman and Joan Smalls for making the issue too!

I am a Vogue die-hard, but I am definitely going to grab a copy of Harper’s Bazaar this year. Based on the covers, this issue is going to be nothing short of ICONIC!

harpers-bazaar-september-2014-covers2 harpers-bazaar-september-2014-covers3 harpers-bazaar-september-2014-covers4

Iman sept issue Joan Smalls sept issue


Out With the Vogue & In with Bazaar!


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