The Hoops Don't LieThe hips don’t lie and neither should the HOOPS! The weekend has finally arrived here in the States and ladies it is time to dress in your funky party best. Hoops are essential for the weekend party girl. And hoops aren’t just about “ghetto gold.” A lot of top designers make fantastic gold hoops with real and fake gold. Hoops bring a level of confidence and attitude to your look and give a sassy urban edge. That edge will carry you through any club, party, or nightlife event. Just keep the look fun and chic. I paired these fantastic hoop options with an oh so funky pop art Moschino dress.

Have a fantastic weekend ladies and gentlemen, and DJ…play my song so we all can dance! Happy Styling Y’all.

Gucci 18k earrings

Tory Burch chevron jewelry

Love Moschino accessory
$200 –


The Hoops Don’t Lie!


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