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Restaurants: The New Clubs

Restaurants: The New Clubs

I can’t even remember the last time that I was at a club. But I can tell you the last time that I was at an opening of a new restaurant or grabbing cocktails and tapas at a trendy eatery. There has been a culture change and to some a culture shock. Clubs have gone the way of the dinosaur and Paris Hilton. The masses rather party at restaurants.

Food culture has become so pervasive in the past few years and it is translating into social behaviors (in my un-scientific opinion).  Guys and gals are putting on their best fashions, just to grab a bite with the bestie or be seen sitting at the bar at the restaurant de jour. Clubs aren’t dead, but there is definitely a paradigm shift! When I shop, I am not thinking about what I should wear to the club or party. I am thinking, “What can I wear out for drinks or what would work for this dinner date?” And I am sure there are plenty of people who agree.

An observational statistician can do the hard number crunching, but the effects can be felt in your favorite restaurants. Wait times are longer, the crowds are bigger and louder, and getting that prime real estate at the bar or the best table is nearly impossible to snag.


But a restaurant crowd influx is not a bad thing. It’s good for the local economy, great for meeting people in a well-lit environment, and increases a person’s knowledge of good food and wine. The key is to be at the right place at the right time. The same way you use to put thought into a club, the same analytical and decision making skills should be put into choosing a restaurant. Choose a place that has great customer service, a great wine menu, and a fantastic menu that offers a wide variety of food choices.

Look, the go-go dancer is not applying for unemployment yet, but I predict that less of them will be needed and a few clubs will have to start serving food and hiring chefs to compete with the best eateries. Restaurants may be the new clubs, but I better not find you sitting in my seat.

Happy Eating and Styling,



2 thoughts on “Restaurants: The New Clubs

    • I second that motion! There’s just a sophisticated feel about enjoying your friends and socializing in a great restaurant instead of the club. Thanks for reading 🙂

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