Fuck A Title…I Am Speechless!


Karl Lagerfeld loves pushing buttons and boundaries. I was so surprised and interested in his most recent collaboration that I couldn’t even come up with a witty title for this post. Fuck it, let’s get straight to business.

Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book has a new editorial shot by Lagerfeld and it’s entitled ‘The New Normal.” But the Chanel designer isn’t photographing with his usual models. He worked with Conchita Wurst, a popular Austrian Singer. And oddly enough the photo shoot looks good.  Wurst may be a drag queen but is a natural in front of the camera and in high fashion clothing. But this isn’t Wurst’s first foray into fashion. The singer closed Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture collection last month.

In an interview Lagerfeld said, “I like Conchita because not only does he really have a voice but he has done something that’s never been done before. We have all heard of “bearded ladies” but no one has ever seen a bearded man posing as a lady… This brings new meaning to the term drag.”

This brings a whole new meaning to editorial if you ask me. Carine Roitfeld has done something that many…if any…major fashion magazines haven’t done and are too afraid to do. We can all disagree or agree on personal views related to transgenders, but all fashion lovers can agree that this spread is AMAZING!

Conchita8 Conchita7 Conchita5 Conchita3 Conchita1


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