MTV had their annual Video Music Awards last night and the stars turned out in full force. But why would MTV have an award show for music videos? The network barely shows videos and has become a hub for predictable reality television. Programming issues aside, the award show still draws a large viewership and the red carpet appearances make the event worth it.

My favorite looks came from Solange and Miley Cyrus. Their looks were hip, fun, and simple. I can’t believe that I actually like what Miley wore but “never say never.” Overall the red carpet didn’t give me any wow moments. It was everything you would expect from the VMAs. Shiny, tight, and sequins. I can’t forget short…short was the order of the night too.

Here are some of the looks from the red carpet. The Emmy awards air tonight here in the States and I am certain the style game at that event will be worth talking about. rs_634x1024-140824175424-634.Kylie-Jenner-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824175043-634.Kendall-Jenner-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824174734-634.RIta-Ora-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824174217-634.JLO-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824172815-634.JHough-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824173659-634.Kelly-Rowland-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824170720-634.Sam-Smith-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824165903-634.Solange-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824161259-634.CharlieX-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824161848-634.Kesha-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824163748-634.JesseJ-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824164639-634.JourdanDunn-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824165120-634.Wiz-Amber-jmd-082414 rs_634x1024-140824163007-634.Ariana-Grande-jmd-082414


A Video Music Award Show On A Network That Doesn’t Play Videos?! Ok…


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