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College students get a lot of flack for their choices in restaurants and bars. While some may have sophisticated tastes, a vast majority of youngsters wouldn’t know a good bar if it slapped them in the face. But one thing that the kiddies have gotten right is barhopping! Why settle for one hot spot when you can go to all of them?

As a 27-year old, I never barhop and I do not have a history of doing so. But last Saturday I hopped, dropped, and popped and had an amazing time. The night started with Thai food and wine at Baan Sawan Thai Bistro. After that, my friend and I went to a wine bar and had pink champagne, cheese, and more wine. But the kicker came when we went to Bourbon. Bourbon is a fabulous whiskey bar that also serves Creole styled food. I can’t comment on the food but the drinks were amazing. The selection of whiskey and spirits is so extensive that I was impressed beyond belief. It was the perfect spot to end the night and also learn more about the spirit of whiskey.

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A total of 3 hot spots were accumlated in 1 night! One of the spots was completely new to me as well (Bourbon). Listen, you can criticize the kids for always opting for beer, drinking malt liquor, and patronizing trashy dive bars. But take a note out of the old college play book and start barhopping more. I love dressing up and looking fabulous at one place but sometimes this sexy daddy needs to be seen and paint the town red. Classy or Trashy? We may never know the answer, but barhopping is definitely a FUN way to enjoy a nice weekend night. Be safe and CHEERS!

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Barhopping: Classy or Trashy?


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