Finally…we can put those vampire rumors to bed! Music star Pharrell covers the Wall Street Journal magazine and is looking like the rest of us humans. Pharrell looks good for his age but it’s refreshing to see him not looking so youthful. Every time that he hits the red carpet or performs, he looks like he stopped time somewhere in his mid thirties. Well he definitely shows WSJ MagazineĀ readers that time works the same for him too. But don’t let the cover fool you. The editorial accompanying the cover gives us traditional Pharrell styled in the best fashions. And yes, the makeup team was on point and the retouching was good too. He is back to looking ageless.

In other news, the singer/producer collaborated with G Star Raw to create clothing made from recycled materials. He also will join the judging panel of the hit singing competition The Voice. Pharrell is wearing many hats and not the the Vivienne Westwood one that you normally see him in. Find out more about the music and style icon at

BN-EE791_mag091_GR_20140820161830 BN-EE792_mag091_GR_20140820161838





Leave It To Wall Street To Tell The Truth!


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