Working Woman Wednesday!
Labor Day always marks the end of Summer. Some of us are happy to say goodbye to heatwaves and humidity but there are still plenty of warm days left on the calendar.
The seasons are definitely transitioning and so should your style. But it only takes a few additions and edits to be pre-Fall and Fall street style ready!
Tip #1:
Keep the tank top. There are still hot days left. Instead of looking like you’re going to a pool party throw a lightweight blazer over the tank. And opt for a tank that has a bit of a structured feel and a hint of color.
Tip # 2:
Jeans are essential for pre-Fall and Fall. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They also are perfect for staying warm and chic during the upcoming cooler evenings.
Tip #3:
This summer was all about the statement clutch. As you transition, go back to the classic. A great leather bag with a chain detail is perfect! It elevates any look by adding an air of class and sophistication.
There are numerous ways to incorporate these tips into your own personal style. If you like the items in the above layout, click the photo for the shopping deets. Have fun upgrading and editing . It’s Working Woman Wednesday!

Working Woman Wednesday!


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