Label: Bespoken

Season: Spring/Summer 2015

Grade: B+


Pros: The suiting and short suits are amazing! I love the detailing at the bottom of the jackets that flow into the shorts. The collection was laid back, sophisticated, and cool. The perfect things for Spring and Summer. The tailoring of the suits and pieces are amazing as well. Bespoken is one of New York’s top emerging design labels but the tailoring looked as if the brand was fresh off the boat with training from a Parisian atelier. Would I wear the collection. Yes, yes, and more yes!

Cons: My only issue with the Spring/Summer collection is the choice of colors. Menswear can be predictably one note when it comes to color. Navy blues and blacks are always great for men, but I would have liked to have seen more of a risk with color, color combinations, and bolder prints.

What do you think of the collection? See the all the looks in the above below.

It’s going to be a long fashion week and month, once you include the other cities. Stay here for the latest and for all the updates.

1409840519006_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-011409840519008_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-02 - Copy 1409840519010_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-03 - Copy 1409840519011_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-04 1409840519012_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-05 1409840519014_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-07 1409840519015_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-08 1409840519016_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-09 1409840519016_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-10 1409840519017_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-11 1409840519018_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-12 1409840519019_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-13 - Copy 1409840519020_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-14 - Copy 1409840519020_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-14 1409840519020_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-15 1409840519021_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-16 1409840519022_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-17 1409840519023_bespoken-spring-summer-2015-18


NYFW: Bespoken Spring-Summer 2015 Men’s Collection


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