Todashi Shoji Spring Summer 2015

Todashi Shoji Spring Summer 2015

Label: Todashi Shoji

Season: Spring/Summer 2015

Grade:  A

Climbing the social ladder just got a lot easier. Todashi Shoji’s collection is made for royalty; if you wear one of his pieces, you are sure to elevate your status. The collection is demure and sensual at the same time. Achieving the two together can be tricky, but Shoji has masterfully created a collection for the true queens of the world and those aspiring to fashion’s throne.

Pros: The collection is perfect for the woman who keeps her head held high. Sex is not the driving factor of the looks and that is refreshing. A lot of the skirts and dresses are cut right at the knee or floor length. This sometimes can come across as matronly but the combination of sheer, cut outs, and halter-esque peek a boo moments take the looks to sophisticated sexy demure. This collection is perfect for the woman looking for an alternative to trendy and the woman who wants something that will be timeless. My favorite looks were: 17, 22, 33, and 36. These looks visually show what I am describing and the point of view of the entire collection

_LKV5943_LKV5981_LKV6074 _LKV6103

Cons: These looks can lean very age specific. I can see women in their 30s and up wearing the looks. But the young sophisticated fashionista might find the collection bold enough for her taste since there are a lot of sheer and see through moments. Other than not being a collection for a young girl in her early 20s, there are no other cons. The collection was perfect.

See the entire collection below and pick out your favorite looks.

_LKV5825_LKV5832 _LKV5840 _LKV5850 _LKV5858 _LKV5862 _LKV5868 _LKV5879_LKV5881 _LKV5894 _LKV5900 _LKV5908 _LKV5917 _LKV5926 _LKV5934 _LKV5943 _LKV5949 _LKV5959 _LKV5966 _LKV5973 _LKV5981 _LKV5990_LKV6002 _LKV6007 _LKV6012 _LKV6024 _LKV6033 _LKV6044 _LKV6051 _LKV6056 _LKV6069 _LKV6074 _LKV6084 _LKV6088 _LKV6103 _LKV6110

3 thoughts on “Todashi Shoji Spring Summer 2015

  1. Hey there love! It’s quite clear you’re pretty in-tune to the fashion world – who doesn’t love an amazing outfit!? I’m a fashion obsessed blogger too, haha. Check my page a look xo

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