French fashion house Balmain is on fire. Its designer, Olivier Rousteing, poses and shoots with reality star and rising top model Kendall Jenner. The Sunday Times Style features the rising style star and latest recruit for the Balmain Army. The editorial is stunning, simple, and clean. It’s clear to see why many designers and magazine editors are finding it easy to use Kendall. Pretty face and great posing aside, Kendall Jenner is pop culture personified. She has over 13 MILLION followers on Instagram (as of 9/7/14), a hit reality show on E!, and is the younger sister of Kim Kardashian. She is the face of a generation and the fashion world is well aware of that.

Despite being fashion’s latest darling, Kendall is not letting it go to her head. “When I go out and someone comes up to me and they start crying or they’re telling me all of these things, it does hit me, and I’m like, ‘Wow, these people really do look up to me.’ I feel honored and it makes me want to be the best me that I can be,” she says. The writer of the article backed that notion up with this excerpt, “She should be fashion’s biggest brat. Instead, she arrived 30 minutes early for our shoot, and has been so focused that she hasn’t even replied to Kim’s ‘How’s it going?’ text.”

I didn’t think it was possible to like Kendall anymore, but I do! See the entire spread below and thanks to allthingskendall.tumblr.com for getting us the scoop on the Sunday Times Style article. Enjoy the full spread below and check out the article at allthingskendall.tumblr.com!

1-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style 2-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style 3-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style 4-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style 5-Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style Kendall-Jenner-and-Olivier-Rousteing-in-Balmain-for-Sunday-Times-Style kendall-jenner-in-balmain-olivier-rousteing-for-sunday-times-style




Once You Go Black, You Don’t Go Back!


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