Label: Prabal Gurung

Season: Spring/Summer 2015

Grade:  A+

My degree is in Mass Communication and I was taught to always fully disclose any conflicts of interest. I have a crush on Prabal Gurung. I fantasize about sharing coffee with the designer and having long talks and walks about beauty and fashion. Despite my love for Gurung, this in no way influenced my impartial review of his collection for New York Fashion Week. The master of taste and elegance hit it out of the park and created a collection that was sporty, fun, and formal.

Pros: Vulgar is not in the Prabal Gurung vocabulary. There are plenty of mesh and knit details with above the knee skirts and cut outs, but the collection comes across as sporty chic. Going the romantic route for Spring is easy to do and Gurung deviates from this. There is a clear original take on how to mix and match patterns, fabrics, and colors. In fact, this sporty take on Spring can be defined as the new classic. And Gurung gives us some signature moments too! There are a few evening pieces that had fantastic feather detailing, and Look 30 with the ruffles was a dream to see in motion. Looks 21, 24, 30, 32, and 37 were my favorites!

LUX_0425LUX_0362LUX_0476 LUX_0535LUX_0448 (1)

Cons: This collection can come across to the average person as complicated and hard to wear/style. But the beauty of a Prabal Gurung is fully experienced once you are in the clothes. I just hope the originality of the design and high fashion energy doesn’t scare the consumer who would normally opt for something more trendy or predictable.

See the entire presentation below. What do you think of the collection?

LUX_0019 LUX_0038 LUX_0053 LUX_0067 LUX_0077 LUX_0095 LUX_0110 LUX_0137 LUX_0154 LUX_0173 LUX_0190 LUX_0204 LUX_0216 LUX_0228 LUX_0242 LUX_0254 LUX_0272 LUX_0285 LUX_0303 LUX_0362 LUX_0378 LUX_0402 LUX_0416 LUX_0425 LUX_0436 LUX_0448 LUX_0464 LUX_0476 LUX_0487 LUX_0503 LUX_0516 LUX_0525 LUX_0535 LUX_0546



Prabal Gurung Puts Other Designers to Shame!


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