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There is a reason why the classic French cookbooks include butter in their recipes. Butter is good. The diary product that comes from cream and milk has a way of adding such flavor to any recipe. And if it’s good enough for the French, then it is definitely good enough for me.

I don’t use margarine, I hate spreads, and I don’t use butter sprays. Plugra: European Style butter is my top pick. Land O’ Lakes used to rain supreme in my house, but I had to move up to something with higher butterfat content. Plugra has a reported 82% butterfat content compared to the traditional 80% or less for other brands. “Plugra” comes from the French term plus gras which means “more fat.”

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The extra fat and flavor goes well with my food and it definitely came in handy while preparing today’s lunch. Wild salmon was the catch of the day, and the fish lies on a bed of baby kale and was topped with Thai chili sesame sauce. Plugra is definitely having an impact on my cooking and I am curious to try other butters with higher fat contents.

Build a better recipe with a better butter. Come on, a little extra fat never killed anyone. Ha!

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I Enjoy My Recipes Like I Enjoy My Asses: Put Some Fat On It!


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