Label: Rachel Zoe

Season: Spring 2015 Ready to Wear

Grade:  C+

Rachel Zoe is a master stylist and she is a great designer. Her past collections were once so good that Neiman Marcus carried the clothes in every one of their stores. Zoe is back with her Spring/Summer 2015 looks and I hate to say it, but the collection is very disappointing. Fashion lovers expect so much from Zoe. Mediocre is no longer good enough and this collection barely made the mark.

Pros: The collection will have a general appeal to a mass crowd. There is a little something for everyone. There are dresses, kaftans, short suits, and a great tuxedo inspired black jumper. Zoe’s embellished black leather jacket should do well; it’s trendy but classic and would work well with a fashionista’s wardrobe. That jacket is a good staple. It’s obvious that I am already running out and stretched thin when it comes to pros. Looks 4, 5, and 16 are worth mentioning. Let’s just get to the cons!


Cons: The collection lacked creativity.  Every look has been done before.  Yes the looks are cute and pretty and should sell, but there was no FASHION DRAMA. In my previous post I mentioned how DKNY had commercial elements and how it was good. DKNY infused commercial elements with high fashion elements that were creative and unique. Rachel Zoe’s collection for spring 2015 is an example of commercial gone wrong. The looks are so watered down that the artistry was lost and the collection looks like it should be sold in Dillards not Neiman Marcus. Look 10 perfectly describes my point. How many times have we seen a long column ruffle dress? Come on Rachel, I know you can do better.  The same styles could have worked if different colors were used and if a fresher take was taken on the classics that she presented. Rachel, I know you can do better and you have done better.

See the entire collection below. What do you think; was I too hard on the collection?

Rachel_Zoe_001_1366 Rachel_Zoe_002_1366 Rachel_Zoe_003_1366 Rachel_Zoe_004_1366 Rachel_Zoe_005_1366 Rachel_Zoe_007_1366 Rachel_Zoe_008_1366 Rachel_Zoe_009_1366 Rachel_Zoe_010_1366 Rachel_Zoe_011_1366 Rachel_Zoe_012_1366 Rachel_Zoe_013_1366 Rachel_Zoe_014_1366 Rachel_Zoe_015_1366 Rachel_Zoe_016_1366 Rachel_Zoe_017_1366 Rachel_Zoe_018_1366 Rachel_Zoe_020_1366 Rachel_Zoe_019_1366 Rachel_Zoe_021_1366 Rachel_Zoe_022_1366 Rachel_Zoe_023_1366 Rachel_Zoe_024_1366 Rachel_Zoe_025_1366



No Expectations Means No Disappointments


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