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You’ve got a heck of a recipe on your hands when a total stranger asks you to cook for them. I prepared this quick 20 minute meal right before heading to my second job. It only took: Penne, Pesto, Tuna, Kale, Siracha, Thai Chili Sauce and Butter. The finished product is spicy, sweet, and savory. But the reaction from coworkers and strangers was less than desirable. They all wanted a portion of my dish but I was not in the mood to share. One person even asked me to come to their house and cook for them. Creep. But if you are strong enough to fend off the undesirables, try this quick recipe for yourself. I will take full credit for the finished dish but don’t blame if you attract annoying food freaks looking for a piece of your pie. Wink.

1. Cook the penne in boiling water for about 7 mins

2. Drain the pasta and let it cool

3. While the pasta cools combine two fistfuls of kale, a little butter, siracha, chili sauce and tuna in the warm pot.

4. Dump the pasta in and mix it all together. Then add the pesto on top and stir some more.

5. Let the pasta dish cool for about 10mins and then eat and serve as you wish.

Voila, your dish is done! Enjoy guys and gals.


Penne, Pesto, and Perverts!


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