Where do I begin?  A lot of things are running through my mind as I process the Peter Pilotto collection for Spring-Summer 2015. The collection was psychedelic, colorful, and artistic. I am not sure if people still do acid, but if they do, the Peter Pilotto collection is a wonderful acid trip that goes so far back to the past that you end up in the future. These boys know what they are doing!

Fans of the color blocking trend will love the collection like none other. In fact, majority of the looks presented seemed to be color blocked based. If you thought color blocking was out for next year, you were wrong. The designers combined colors, futuristic prints, and a 60’s vibe that created a collection all their own. The looks are perfect for the fashion forward woman who isn’t afraid to take risks. The vinyl looking jackets, skirts, and tops were so cool. The material had a transparency effect which showed skin but still covered the body. My favorite looks were 8, 11, 28, and 31.


While I applaud the collection and its artistic nature, this collection is not for the older set. The looks are very youthful and the age cut off is a good 36 years old. It’s ok to incorporate a piece here or there for styling purposes, but I better not see a woman in her 50’s rocking a head to toe Peter Pilotto ensemble.

Take a look at the entire collection below. What do you think of the London Fashion Week presentation?

AA2X0042 AA2X0050 AA2X0072 AA2X0084 AA2X0099 AA2X0117 AA2X0133 AA2X0148 AA2X0166 AA2X0175 AA2X0189 AA2X0208 AA2X0231 AA2X0247 AA2X0269 AA2X0285 AA2X0306 AA2X0318 AA2X0338 AA2X0355 AA2X0373 AA2X0382 AA2X0402 AA2X0428 AA2X0453 AA2X0473 AA2X0488 AA2X0508 AA2X0523 AA2X0548 AA2X0567 AA2X0587 AA2X0607 AA2X0616 AA2X0632 AA2X0725



Peter Pilotto Spring-Summer 2015


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